Don't be a CC'er, be THE DO'er

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When we first started selling online (before Payfast made this all easy) we needed to accept online payments. In order to do this we needed a “Merchant Code” from our bank FNB.

OK. That should be easy. All we do is apply and hey presto all will be done.

Instead we got caught in email hell (read e-hell for short!). There were lots of FNB people involved in our case. The only problem was that they were all busy cc’ing each other. The result? No-one did anything.

So I had to threaten them with social media (it does work - for some reason this little public shaming is very effective: perhaps because FNB's CEO at that time was very very active on social media).

“This is totally infuriating. Is there not ONE person at the BANK who can take responsibility for this instead of passing the problem to everyone else (isn’t CC a wonderful way to cover one’s backside so one doesn’t have to actually do any work?). Now I’m sure that all of you are going to get onto the “CC everyone pass the buck to someone (not me) email” fight and not take personal responsibility for anything. I wait with baited breath. This is such a brilliant example of how my bank is not helping my business. And the whole email evidence chain is going to make such a wonderful twitter story with @MichaelJordaan [FNB's CEO at the time] tagged into the conversation”!".

Success quickly followed as the “cc-ers” boss got involved and made it happen. So thank you Billy!

But this CC hell is an opportunity. Don't be a CCer, be a DOer: take the problem, own it and be the Boss!?