Don't leave your idea at the bar

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My brother, Joe Heron, is a pretty successful entrepreneur (he's started and sold three businesses in the USA). Over a few drinks (at a bar) he sagely looked at me and said:

Ideas are free!


Ideas are everywhere and commonly found at a bar after midnight (or, if you worked in advertising pre-COVID, in a bar at 5.00pm on Fridays).

Some of the ideas are great. And these great ideas are always 'copied' by a company in another country far far away by someone you've never met and you say: "hey boet! they stole our idea!." And you go for commiseration drinks and have the "if only we had started we'd be millionaires just like the paper clip guy" conversation.

I really admire my friend Erik Forster. He's a photographer that used to do a lot of events. But couldn't be in three different places at the same time. So he built an automated photo booth. Then when this was business was locked out because we were locked in, he designed, built and is selling a 'desk' which helps you work on your lap, in bed, in your car and, now, standing up.

Ideas only have value when they are actioned.