Don't underestimate "perseverance"

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Outside my WFH window a masked weaver has been building nests.

And he's become pretty good at nest building.

After building more than twenty nests (which were repeatedly torn down and then new one's built on different branches) he scored a mate.

His DNA will survive.

And he's still building nests - maybe polygyny is a thing in the world of Masked Weavers?

When we start a new business we think of the three key success factors: product/service excellence and differentiation (or the business idea); go to market strategy including promotion and financial; and execution.

But the fourth leg is perseverance.

No business just starts and is immediately successful. There are all sorts of issues that come up along the way. People leave. Competitors enter the market. You don't achieve traction quite as fast as you thought. Everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much (this is a universal truth - always multiply your time line and budget by two).

And during this journey you get tired. Sometimes very tired.

And you think: "why did I give up that job to start this? I wasn't happy but at least I had money to go on holiday and drink decent wine!".

And doubt creeps in.

That's the time to go back to the idea of the business. Do you still think, objectively, that the idea behind your business is still strong?


Then you have to hou vas and persevere.

One can learn from marathon runners (not that I am one).

And a few years down the line, you'll look back and think to yourself "I did it!".

And that's the true secret of success: perseverance.