Have a good looking website.

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Your website is the gateway to your business. Don't make it look like you're a shitty business who doesn't give a fuck.

I’m a totally convinced that good looking websites generate more enquires than crappy ones. If you have a crappy website the impression you deliver is crap.

It’s not difficult to have a decent looking professional website (and it doesn’t have to have AI or some other high tech stuff in it). Just make it easy to navigate; have a list of the products/services you offer; and have an easy to find product and contact page (and an easy to find phone number).

You might have to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a “site builder”. Yes, you will need to find a host (I can’t recommend domains.co.za more highly and I’m not getting a commission; more on my domain hosting experiences in a future blog). Just keep it simple, clean and easy to navigate.

please please don’t get your step-boet’s china’s cuzzin’s squeeze's friend's son to do it for you!

Your website is mission critical to your business.

Own it.