Make it easy for people to call you.

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It would be really unusual if you were in an essential business with no competitors. If you are not the only player in your category, make it really really easy for your customer to speak to you (not email, not WhatsApp, not tweet).

People are busy. And your business is probably a very small part of their day. Don’t make it difficult for them to call you.

So on your website make sure that the “Contact Us” menu item is at the top. Not hidden (nested) in an obscure difficult to find small little footnote link.

If you are sending emails have a signature with your direct contact number! You’ll be really really surprised at how many business emails I receive which, other than the email, don’t have any contact details. Like many, I get distracted, and then forget to search for your contact number on your website (by doing a Google search).

The chances of me calling you would have been much higher if your phone number was easy to see.

These days we rely far too much on communication through email (or worse, Facebook Messenger).

Your email signature doesn’t need to be fancy. But show me your phone number – and not just the company switchboard. You’ve contacted me and maybe I’d like to have a personal chat.

Your signature shouldn’t be a JPG image. If it’s a JPG your respondent has to refer back and forth to the number (a hassle for an old guy like me or for people who find it difficult to remembere phone numbers). And, AND, because your JPG contact details can’t easily be added to a PC's address book the chances are that your details will remain, sad and alone, in the email which, sometime or another, will be trashed and lost forever.