Remind people that you exist

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If you're anything like me, you will have a vast number of emails still sitting in your inbox. You will have replied to them but, for some good reason, wouldn't have sent them to your trash box.

I recently decided to clear out my inbox. Some mails were from early 2019! Slightly embarrased I started an exercise of sending a note to the email contacts.

Hello John,

I am busy clearing out my inbox and I came across this pre-Covid lockdown correspondence.

I just wanted to reconnect, say "hello" and remind you of our food waste recycling services.

I hope that you and your business are well.

Best regards,


While some people had left (or emigrated, given this is South Africa), I had a surprisingly positive response from this 'out-reach' including new business meetings and requests for new information.

My learning from the excercise:

And, above all, don't be embarrased about reconnecting with potential customers after a long time.

The same would apply to friends you haven't connected with in awhile!