Support your clients' & suppliers' businesses

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Every business relies on customers and suppliers. Whether that supplier is providing you with physical goods or a service, your supplier is crucial to your business.

As is your customer. Without your customer buying from your business your business wouldn't exist.

So what are you doing for your supplier and your customer?

David Ogilvy, the man who founded the global advertising network "Ogilvy", was famous for always supporting his client's products. So when Ogilvy had Rolls Royce as a client, he drove a Rolls Royce. When that business changed to Jaguar, he sold the Rolls Royce and bought a Jaguar.

(Thank goodness the agency wasn't having to advertise the Edsel!).

For Ogilvy, if the client was supporting your business you needed to support theirs.

(This is also part of customer service!).

The reverse also holds. Your supplier is a key part of your business. Their success ensures your own: as they become more successful, their products improve, their payment terms improve, and your business benefits.

Supporting your suppliers and recommending their business to your personal and business network strengthens your relationship.

By being part of the success of your customer or supplier, you will also rise.