Always check your AI generated content

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There is no doubt that AI is a useful business tool. It can assist with brainstorming, writing standard letters, or even generating a business plan (and more!).

AI is, I believe, also a wonderful tool to help people to correspond in a second language (e.g. Farsi speakers corresponding in English).

Recently we received an introduction from a Saudia Arabian company who wanted to distribute our solutions in their market.

The letter was perfect. Good English. Good structure. But — and this is not a criticism — it looked like a form letter generated by an AI.

But the real giveaway that it had been generated by an AI was this:

Thank you for considering our proposal. We eagerly await your response and the opportunity to discuss the way forward. Please contact me at [Your Contact Information] at your convenience.

Always, always review your AI generated content before you distribute it. And definitely fill in the blank fields the AI has generated for you.