Don't lose sight of the good things you do

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The other night we went out with friends and met some really cool new people.

As per normal they asked us about our business.

We went through the story: when we started; our products; some good and bad war stories ...

You know how it goes.

But they were really interested. Enthusiastic. Positive.

Wow. You guys are awesome. That's so great. We love what you do. And you're doing so well!

Obviously we were flattered.

When my wife and I arrived home. We looked at each other and mentioned that we too often forget about all the great shit we do.

Because we're too busy working on the business. Solving problems. Making payroll. Sourcing products. Building stuff. Delivering stuff.

So we forget.

Until we're reminded by someone else.

And that's another lesson: get out there!