Don't use "very busy" as a reason for shitty service

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As a customer you need to feel that your business is important to your supplier.

So when you have to chase your manufacturer/retailer/supplier for updates or service and they say "we are so sorry, we've been really busy". It just makes you feel that your business is really not that important to them.

So here's a case. I wanted to get some shoes that I had purchased from Veldskoen resoled. So I sent them a note. And I received a really great quick response. They told me what the price would be — R350.00 including collection and delivery (which is excellent) — and asked me to send them some pics to make sure they could be resoled.

And then, just nothing other than a standard auto response "we will come back to you ... etc. etc." email.

So I chased. And chased. And then used their Whatsapp service. And received a response which was: "My sincerest apologies for the delay. Our team has been extremely busy in the store and inundated with our Father's Day queries." (however, the initial enquiry had been sent at the end of April not the end of June).

But these are not the only guys guilty of this. It happens all the time!

If you value your customers, don't tell them you've been too busy to pay attention to them. Just apologise.

And make good.