Make it easy for people to pay you.

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You'll be really really surprised by how often your supplier makes it difficult for you to pay them. This is a detail thing. But, because we're in business, really really important.

This seems really obvious. But we often receive an invoice and there are no bank details on the invoice!

Yes, it’s true.

So what happens? At best, your customer sends you an email asking for your banking details. In addition to wasting time it’s also really embarrassing (or should be!). At worst your invoice goes into the “I’ll get it done later” list.

When your invoice is in that pile you suddenly realise that you’re being paid in 60 days not 30 (or that you're spending a lot of time chasing payments). Your cash flow becomes problematic. And it’s your fault!

The other bad thing is payment links. No intelligent person clicks on a link in an email. So Sage, or whomever, might think that they’re being clever. But they’re not. Clever people are aware of viruses and phishing scams and are reluctant to click on email links.

Finally. Just get the details right! Name of company. VAT number. etc. We often have to go back to suppliers to get our company name right (it's not "Gavin Heron" it's "XXXX (Pty) Ltd.".

Keep it simple. Make it easy for people to pay you.