Never begrudge your salesperson earning more than you!

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I remember my father, who was an MD of a computer company in the 80s, saying that he loved it when his sales people took home more money than him, "after all" he said, "it means that our business is going well and revenue is growing!".![]

A company I know recently hired a new sales person.

We were chatting and then the hirer said "shit, but I'll be pissed off if she takes home more than me!".

I recalled my father's philosophy.

And then said "but you're a shareholder, you want her to take home more money than you, because she's building value in the business.".

When you're sales person earns top $, it means:

  • you've got a good product (otherwise it wouldn't sell).
  • you've made a good hire (otherwise you wouldn't be growing revenue).
  • you're a hero because, as the business leader, your business is going great!

Never begrudge your sales person earning more than you.