Don't make your prospect jump through too many sales hoops

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Earlier today I signed up to a salesguru "Mind blowing live event" sales course. I thought it would be good to receive some sales teaching.

And the name was right; I'd like to be a guru in sales.

Shortly after clicking on the "book now" link and sending an email, I received a phone call from someone in the organisation.

I was expecting an invoice from my email, not a sales call.

Then I got emailed some marketing stuff including a link to a YouTube promotional video.

Which I checked out. But sadly, I wasn't really sold on the guy doing the sales course (he basically repeated the sales spiel from the marketing stuff I'd already received).

I left YouTube and went back to the second email. And saw there was a booking form.

Why a booking form? Hadn't I already "booked" via the first email link?

But I started filling this in (the good thing was that it was a pdf form and easy to fill in). But there was still no payment mechanism.

I had been in, and was ready to pay.

But this organisation kept on making me do things.

And the more they made me do, the more I thought about my time (2.5 hours), other stuff I needed to do, and the price.

From being sold. I was rapidly turned into a doubter.

And then I just bailed out of the whole thing.

What should they have done to get me paid up and ready?

Firstly, they should have given me an immediate way of signing up and paying. Mailer #2 could have then just been a receipt and welcome to the course.

Secondly, stop asking me to do things and check things out. The hurdles made me think twice.

But essentially, they should have just made it easy for me to sign-up and pay right from the beginning.