Don't hide

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My friend Rob Campbell wrote a really great article on Challenger Brands recently.

What really struck me was his example of how, in the 60's, Avis (yes that company) posted their President's phone number on an advert.

(Hi-Tec Souh Africa also does this in their packaging - and I did contact Frank)

Now think about that for a moment. . . .

Think about how wonderful life would be if you could just phone a decision maker to sort out a problem.

But it's almost impossible. Who would ever think, now, of phoning the CEO of FNB (could be any bank or big company). It would be impossible. I don't even know his/her name let alone the phone number.

Nowadays we have to get really cross. Fill in forms. Send mails to which never get returned. And then we have to Facebook and Tweet and Hello Peter and ... still nothing will really come right.

Imagine your competitive advantage if your CEO, you, were accessible.

If you didn't hide?